This company does not affiliate with any other company and is solely engaged in providing online home services to its customers. We are able to provide such services with the help of our professional and experienced working staff. Likely, this “Privacy Policy” page will further describe the storage, usage, and disclosure of customers’ personal data.

Here, at a2zhomeservices, we always care about our customer’s personal details. Also, in order to enact our services, we will need some information to commence our business. Hence, for any reason, if you do not wish to use our services, you can withdraw from using our website. At the same time, if you continue using our services, it further means that you agree to the guidelines mentioned in our policy.

Personal Data Storage 

As we proceed with the collection or storage of data, there is some specific information that we generally require. Likely to say, it will help us provide better services to our customers. Here is the sort of data that we usually collect –

  • Profile & Identity: We’ll first need the person’s identity. For that, we may collect – their name, username, gender, ID proof, photograph, and other similar data. Likewise, this will help us to address them correctly. 
  • Contact Information: Here, we’ll collect your contact information to reach out to you. It may include – your home address, location, email address, mobile number, Pin code, etc.
  • Technical Information: When you chat or call our representative regarding the services you want us to cater at your home, we may save the chat and record it for future reference. Along with that, we’ll be collecting your IP address, browser, and internet service provider details.
  • Usage Information: As you use our services, we may collect your usage information even when you are simply visiting the website. It may include user history clicks on pages, time spent on the website, etc.

Usage of Personal Data 

The data that we collect from our users/customers is used to improve our services in their favor. Also, we will never use your personal data for any obscene activity. In general, we will only use your data as the law allow us. 

Most commonly, we will be using your personal information for the following purposes –

  • To verify your identity and register you as our user 
  • Enhance and improvise our services for the customer’s interest
  • Provide you with professional services from our end 
  • Improve the functionality of our services 
  • Encourage better customer service as per the user’s demand 
  • Keep a check on transactions and payment process 
  • To promote and advertise our services 
  • Troubleshoot and analyze the system and performance 

If you agree and acknowledge that we will be using your information for legal terms, then only you can continue using our services. In simple words, your data will be saved in our database, so do not indulge in any third-party acts. 

Disclosure of Your Information 

As per the law and terms of online services, we may be sharing your data for some specific reasons. They include –

  1. Our experts and service professionals will be reaching out to you to provide the service.
  2. Professional Service providers and technicians who will be conducting the services.
  3. The inspecting unit safeguards our property in case of online thefts and fraud.
  4. The law and governing body of the country at the time of theft or any cybercrime activity.

Lastly, it is to be kept in mind that you must not share your information without confirming with the registered members of the website. Furthermore, if there’s any fraud or loss from any third-party act, we will not be responsible for such incidents.